WordPress, the best CMS(Content Management System) available today

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available today. The recent statistics show that 16% of the web sites on the internet are built with WordPress. That is a very large percent of the market share for as many sites that are available.

Since the release of  the WordPress platform in May of 2003 it has evolved into (in my opinion and many others) one of the most user and developer friendly content management systems available. With an infinite amount of plugin development options there is no limit to what it can do.

The advantage of the open source license is the vast number of already available plugins and add-on modules  which are freely available for download. In addition there are also many great premium or paid options available.

Since the platform and much of the functionality is so readily, the speed in which a web site can be developed is greatly increased. When the project is turned over to a client the ease of using the administration panel requires very little explanation to become proficient in it’s use.

For a developer, so much of the core functionality is already in place which takes the strain off of some basic markup to allow for more time in the look and feel instead of painstakingly fixing all of the bugs that come with building an easy to use interface for the end user.

For the end user, the different configurations for the site are very easy to change and adding, removing, or editing the content is just like using desktop applications that most of us are fairly familiar with already.

I have moved toward using WordPress for site development regardless of the need for a CMS or not, simply due to the ease and speed of development in such a great content management platform.